About Us

Our Company: 

At HDTV and PC Outlet, we are a family-owned business based in Murrieta, CA and we are dedicated to providing our customers with a wide range of premium electronics and more at unbeatable prices. Since our establishment in 2014, we have built a reputation for offering top-notch consumer electronics and household necessities. Our passion for technology and commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart and drives us to continuously curate the best products from the world's leading brands.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be the go-to destination for all your electronics and household needs, offering the latest technology, superior customer service, and a seamless shopping experience. Our team of experts is dedicated to finding the perfect products to suit your lifestyle and budget, making it easier for you to upgrade your entertainment and simplify your daily routine.

Our Collection:

We offer a wide range of products from the world's leading electronics brands, including Samsung, Vizio, Shark, Ninja, LG, and Sony. Whether you're in the market for a new television, a smart home appliance, or the latest in audio technology, we have you covered. Our products are handpicked to ensure that they meet our high standards of quality and innovation, making it easier for you to find the perfect solution for your needs.

HDTV and PC Outlet is a subsidiary of Beige Outlets, a renowned organization in the consumer goods industry. Join the HDTV and PC Outlet family today and discover a world of endless possibilities with the best electronics at the best prices!